Enabling a Renewable Energy Future

It takes leadership and experience to guide a business to success.  For over 20 years, AmeriZone has brought both qualities to its clients as well as to its own initiatives.

Brendan Sharkey, AmeriZone’s owner and founder, is a former Speaker of the House in the Connecticut General Assembly.  Throughout his sixteen years in elected office, Sharkey maintained and guided AmeriZone while rising to become one of his state’s most senior political leaders.  A practicing land use attorney, Sharkey has committed AmeriZone to the cause of promoting renewable energy, as both an environmentalist and as an entrepreneur.

AmeriZone has become an expert in the range of renewable energy technologies available today, having provided business development services to start-ups from hydro, to efficiency to thermal.  Its current initiative to replace backup generators with batteries is based on a concept first attempted by a former client.  AmeriZone has learned from these efforts, and understands the difference between a great idea and a successful one.

“I understand that, like politics,  success in business requires a tenacity and the ability to lead.  Those qualities remain at the center of everything we do at AmeriZone.”

-Brendan Sharkey