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Batteries as Backup Power

The Alternative to Traditional Backup Generators

Continuing its leadership in emerging energy technologies, AmeriZone now works with commercial and industrial customers to provide battery storage as an alternative to traditional backup generators. 

The business case is simple.  If you need backup power to protect your business in the event of a power outage, why invest in a fossil fuel generator that will only sit on pad waiting to be used?  A battery backup system provides the same protections from occasional outages, but it can also be deployed every day to offset peak electricity loads.   As a result, your backup power system generates more than emergency power – it generates income every day by lowering your demand charges and qualifying your business for lucrative utility incentives. 

AmeriZone doesn’t work for the battery manufacturers.  Because every company’s power needs are unique, not every battery technology applies to every customer.  AmeriZone matches the correct battery technology for each customer, and develops the financial modeling to identify the best return on investment.  AmeriZone serves as the customer’s project manager, qualifying the installation for available subsidies, overseeing the installation, and managing the ongoing deployment of the asset once installed.    

Thinking about buying a backup generator to protect your business from a power outage?  Interested in learning more about how a battery backup system can pay for itself while protecting your business?  Contact us today with your details and we’ll provide a no-cost analysis of how a battery storage system can provide backup power security for your business and pay for itself in the process.